Your story’s journey with BiblioKid Publishing:

You have a story, but you may be wondering what happens now?

At BiblioKid Publishing, we offer hybrid publishing services to help our authors turn their story ideas into published books. We do this by helping with all 3-parts of the production process -

Read the information below the headers to learn more about how we help you with each step of the process. (All of which can be included in your publishing contract.)

Option 1 - Book Creation

Before a book can be published, it first needs to be the BEST book it can be. At BiblioKid Publishing, we work with all of our authors to create a children's book that competes with the commercial trade market. (The big publishing houses everyone loves.) And you don't have to publish with us to get these awesome books.

Instead, we use our over 30+ years of traditional publishing experience to help you with -

** Editing your book.

All stories we accept will be edited by our experienced, award-winning editing team using our signature BiblioKid 5-step editing process. (Because children's books need to be edited by someone who knows how to write a children's book.)

As an author with BiblioKid, you'll receive -

  • A Plot Analysis of your story
  • Developmental Edits
  • Line Edits
  • Copy Edits
  • And a Final Proof that reads to print

** Completing your book.

In children's books, the art is just as important as the text. Which is why each of our BiblioKid authors work with our award-winning design team to create the final files to be printed.

We will help you find the right illustrator for your book or you can bring your own. Then we will take your story through the complete book design process, including -

  • Character Design Approval
  • Full Dummy Sketch Review
  • Full Color Illustration
  • Final File Approval

They’ve been amazing! I love the positive friendly attitudes, the constructive feedback, and team approach on my book. I like that we can each be open about what we want the book to be and we can work for the book to be the best it can be.

— Katie Purcell, BiblioKid Author of Molly's Big Score

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Once the final files are approved, your book is ready to be launched into the world! This is an exciting time and one that's available to you to use for printing and distribution. When you choose this option, we will purchase an ISBN, barcode, and register you for a Library of Congress Number.

** Our Printer -

We will have your book created as both a hardcover and digital eBook. Printed to perfection, all our hardcover books are produced locally in the United States, to give us a high-quality book that competes with major retailers. Once it’s passed our inspection, it’ll be sent to both you and our distribution house to put your story into stores.

** Our distributor -

We work exclusively with IPG distributors to ensure your book is in as many stores as possible, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, Target, and many more! But it doesn’t just stop at online distribution. You will also get the use of our sales team to pitch your book to libraries, local bookstores, and other shops in both the U.S. and Canada.

NOTE: All books will be leveled, as well as, receive a LCCN (Library of Congress Number) to make it more available for purchase through schools and libraries.

Want to recoup your investment faster?

Order books to have on-hand for book signings and school visits. Here's the breakdown of cost for all shipments.

BiblioKid Publishing Book Order Cost Sheet

**If you choose to use your own printer and source for distribution, we will just need an ISBN, barcode, and printing specifications to finalize your files for print.

Bibliokid was always there for us. It’s been so nice to focus on the book and let their team take care of the rest. While at the same time, we aren’t held down by the company, Bibliokid is very supportive. 

— Hannah Cohen, BiblioKid Author of Ezra's Invisible Backpack

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Option 3 - Marketing

The final step in the process is marketing, which is an important step. (After all, it doesn't matter how awesome your book is if no one knows about it.) This is why we offer to help all our authors with the marketing process by giving you tools and planning a custom strategy just for your book.

What you'll receive -

It’s our mission to ensure you have the most successful book possible and to help give you confidence in your ability to sell your book. To do this, we provide each author with -

  • Access to Kidlit Launch School - an introductory course that teaches about social media, author visits, websites, and so much more!
  • A package of social media graphics to use before, during, & after your launch
  • Email scripts to send to bookstores, reviewers, & to help you build a launch team.
  • A personalized launch strategy with key steps & dates for you to complete
  • One-on-one calls with our marketing team before & after your launch to set action plans to help you sell your book.

How we help -

Even though you will have a lot of tasks you'll have to complete on your own, we won't leave you to paddle alone. Along with all your assets, we'll also -

  • Audit your Amazon listing for keywords & SEO optimization
  • Submit your book for a Story Monsters award to help it get more exposure
  • Share & post on social media to help promote you and your book to all our channels
  • Run digital advertising on Amazon
  • Ship books to an influencer list of up to 10 people you've provided for us
  • Share any additional award and advertising opportunities throughout the year when applicable

OMG! The launch school is a game-changer! (In fact, I need to go take some of the classes again because it was so much information.) It really set me up for success and I can't wait for my book to come out.

— Shel Curry, BiblioKid Author of The Bedtime Story Race

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