Your story’s journey with BiblioKid Publishing:

Imagine having someone with you for every step of the process so all you have to worry about is what book you want to write next. All it takes is a rough draft and a vision for what you’d like to see in order to make it happen. Then, we'll use our 3-step process to make it all happen.

1 - Book Creation.

This part of the process is where we need you and your creative vision the most. After signing with us, we’ll get to work right away with editing your initial manuscript. You’ll work closely with a developmental editor who will help you polish your story.

Once your story’s in the best shape possible, it’ll be sent to an illustrator to work their magic. This could be someone you’ve chosen to work with or someone we’ve helped you find who matches the look and feel of the story you’re wanting to create. Together, we’ll finalize the story into files that are ready to print.

2 - Printing & Distribution.

Created to perfection, your story is now on its way to a printing house in Midwest Iowa, where they’ll work their magic to give us a high-quality book that competes with major retailers. Once it’s passed their inspection, it’ll be sent to both you and our distribution house to put your story into stores.

We work exclusively with IPG distributors to ensure your book is in as many stores as possible, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, and IndieBound. But it doesn’t stop at online distribution. Our sales team will actively go out every week to pitch your book to libraries, local bookstores, and other shops in both the U.S. and Canada.

3 - Marketing.

Your story is on its way into the world, but we have to help get into the reader's hands. Together, we’ll plan an effective marketing strategy that not only works best for your book but also fits your personality and time constraints as the author. This includes both planning a strong launch and an on-going strategy that you can use after the excitement fades from having a new book in the world.

It’s our mission to ensure you have the most successful book possible and to help give you the confidence in your ability to sell your book. While most of the marketing responsibilities will be the author’s after the planning stage, we won’t leave you to paddle on your own. If at any time you need us to help with additional marketing or to build any assets for you, we can add that on.


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