What kind of publishing services does BiblioKid Publishing offer?

At BiblioKid Publishing, we strive to make the publishing process easier for authors, while still ensuring quality books are produced for the children's book market. To do this, we provide hybrid publishing services that include high-quality trainings on how to produce a book like a professional publisher.

How is this different than other publishing companies?

As you may have noticed as you've been doing your research, authors are normally faced with 2 publishing options: wait forever to be accepted by a publisher or struggle to try to learn how to do everything yourself. But not anymore! Founded in 2020, our goal at BiblioKid Publishing is to teach you how to produce quality children's books that compete with the traditionally published book market. And if you choose to work with us as your hybrid publisher, we'll also provide you with the ISBN, barcode, and distribution to make it possible to share your book with kids all over the world!

Is this only for children's books?

While our first love is children's books, our publishing services can serve all types of stories. Everything taught inside our online trainings can be applied to books ranging from 0-18+.

Will you edit my children's book?

Yes. We have an expert team of children's book editors with professional training from publishing houses as big as Simon and Schuster. We can work with you to write your story or simply give you a final proof of your print-ready files before you send them to print, whatever works for you. Just indicate on your application what editing help you're looking for.

How soon can I get my book published?

Right away! Once you sign-up for your publishing path of choice, you'll receive instant access to get started producing your book. All you need are completed files to move onto the publication upload process. (Don't worry - we'll also supply you with the resources you need to complete your book creation if you don't have complete files already.) But please note that if you choose the hybrid publishing path, your account must be paid in full before you can upload your files with us.

Where will my books be sold?

We offer worldwide online and print distribution of all our books printed through our Hybrid Publishing services. This includes common retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstop, and more. Plus, we have a sales team to pitch to brick-and-mortar stores in the US and Canada. As an author using our hybrid services, you'll receive 1-year of complementary distribution for your book and can elect to add additional time for an ongoing monthly distribution fee after your first year.

What's the royalty percentage authors receive?

Authors who select the Hybrid Publishing Path will receive a 50% royalty of all net receipts from books sold through our online and print distribution channels. This includes books purchased from third-party wholesalers and major retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

How can I get my book printed?

It's never been easier to print your book using our hybrid publishing services. Once you sign-up, we'll work with you to create a custom ISBN for both a paperback and ebook version of your story that you can apply to your final print files needed to send to our Publishing Specialists. From there, our specialists will look closely at your file to make sure it turns out as planned and work with our distribution team to get your book ready for sale.

Who owns the copyright of my book?

No matter which publishing path you choose, as the author, you'll retain sole copyright to your book and any illustrations you send to us. If you choose the hybrid publishing path, we will only own the ISBN of the story to be published under the BiblioKid Publishing label.

What kind of paper is used for book pages in hybrid published books?

At BiblioKid Publishing, we believe in only creating books of top quality that's found in traditionally published books. That's why all our paperback books are printed on the highest quality 80# paper stock. Because your readers should have a wonderful experience as they page through your book.

What if I need help finding an illustrator or creating the illustrations?

Our Book Creation Training is here to help! When you choose our Jumpstart or All-In package, we will walk you through the exact steps on how to find and hire an illustrator as needed. Plus, we'll walk you through each step of the illustration process so you know how to give direction to your illustrator about the type of book you're needing to create, can easily review and make change requests to files, and know what's required for publication before you finalize the art.

Will I get marketing help with my book?

While marketing is the author's responsibility, we provide you with everything you need to have a successful book launch. Including a customizable Book Marketing Outline, online training on the best strategy for a successful book launch, two professional sites for review, and more! Plus, if you're an author on our hybrid publishing path, we will send you award and eBlast opportunities throughout the year to get your book in front of booksellers and librarians across the country.

How much does it cost to work with BiblioKid Publishing?

At BiblioKid Publishing, we want to make it both fast and affordable for you to make your publishing dreams possible. That's why we offer 3 publishing paths with monthly payment options. So you can get started on your path to published for just $875!

What if I miss a payment on the payment plan or fail to make my payment?

While we do offer flexible pricing to help make your publishing plans easier to obtain, we do require payments in full to maintain access to either of our publishing services. If at any time you're unable to complete your payment, or your payment fails, you will lose immediate access to your online portal with your publishing resources until payment can be reinstated. Any previous payments are nonrefundable. And if you've elected to use our hybrid publishing services, you must have completed all 4 of your payments successfully in order to move forward with the file upload process.

What if I have multiple books I want to publish?

That's fantastic news! At BiblioKid Publishing, we're an advocate for more children's stories on bookshelves, and we love an author with a series. However, we don't believe that you should have to pay thousands of dollars every time you have a new story idea, or be at the mercy of a publisher's decision to move forward with your idea. That's why both our publishing options include lifetime access to all our publishing resources to use book after book. And if you'd like to use our hybrid publishing services for each one of your books, all you have to pay is a new setup fee in order to get an ISBN and distribution for your next story.

Ready to publish your next book with us?