What BiblioKid authors have to say

Stephanie Mund - BiblioKid Author of The Love Light

"My favorite thing in all of it, I think, is just watching my dream come true. BiblioKid Publishing did all of that leg work, listened to my ideas, and helped me grow as an author and a person. So I would definitely recommend BiblioKid Publishing. They are truly amazing."

Laura Williams-Burke - BiblioKid Author of A Friend for Milton

"I appreciate, from what my priorities were in creating this story and bring it to life, that I was in the driver's seat throughout the process. I really enjoyed that and obviously, when the books came, I was thrilled."

Candace Valek - BiblioKid Author of The Adventures of Logan & Lilly

"If someone came up to me tomorrow and asked me if I recommend BiblioKid Publishing, I would hand them your business card and say “You HAVE to go here!" If you want an amazing book, quality products, and somebody who's going to back you 100%, and be on your side all the time, you have to go here. I really, truly feel that way."

Shel Curry - BiblioKid Author of The Bedtime Story Race

"The experience has been really great! I love that I am able to meet one on one with Brooke and team. They’re up front in terms of timeline and deadlines, and I really love that because I feel like I’m a student in this process. As a first time children’s author, that was very important to me, so I feel like I get the caring that I need to be successful."

Hannah Cohen - BiblioKid Author of Ezra's Invisible Backpack

"We did a TON of research. We tried self-publishing, but there was so much that we didn’t know. We signed with BiblioKid Publishing and loved it, because it combined the freedom of self-publishing with the experience of working with someone who knows what they are doing."

Dina Rock - BiblioKid Author of Ezra's Invisible Backpack

"Brooke is a gift as she walks you through this daunting process step by step. It takes a load off of your shoulders in so many ways and I can’t wait to start each new step. Her enthusiasm for our book and willingness to listen to our ideas has been my favorite part about working with BiblioKid."

Anita Holmes - BiblioKid Author of Safe! In Outerspace

"It’s been really exciting! It was great getting all the feedback on my story, getting the artwork, all the new pictures when they would come in, and then we got the first book in the mail, and it was super exciting to see it all finished. I would definitely recommend BiblioKid! Everybody is super nice and helpful, and they made our book a reality."

Katie Storey - BiblioKid Author of Sophie Stands Out

"I would totally recommend BiblioKid Publishing! I recommend it because I feel like there’s a lot of support from the team. I think there’s a lot of clarity in the purpose and the direction of the company, and you know what’s happening. BiblioKid was very good at coaching and mentoring, so I really did know what I was doing."

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