What BiblioKid authors have to say


Working with Brooke makes you feel like you're never working alone. We were always in touch, so the communication was great. We worked as a team so we could say things to each other that we thought needed to be fixed or tweaked, so the result was great. Brooke is very committed. She will put her heart and soul into the project until people see what she sees in the book.

Gabriela Dieppa - BiblioKid Illustrator

BiblioKid Illustrator - Gabriela Dieppa


Working with Bibliokid was so much easier compared to self-publishing. With my first few books, I had to do everything myself. Going to Bibliokid, however, I had an editor, marketer, and art director doing all these things that I didn’t even know anything about. Choosing to publish my book with BiblioKid Publishing has made my life easier and my hair blonder. 

Rinda Beach - BiblioKid Author

BiblioKid Author - Rinda Beach

Hannah Cohen - BiblioKid Author

"We did a TON of research. We tried going the traditional route and realized that wasn’t going to happen. We tried self-publishing, but there was so much that we didn’t know. We signed with BiblioKid Publishing and loved it, because it combined the freedom of self-publishing with the experience of working with someone who knows what they are doing."


Bibliokid Publishing has been a dream client! I loved my experience working with Brooke on Humans In Training and am so proud of the book we created together! Brooke's direction was clear and well thought-out, and her feedback was always helpful and reasonable. She communicated clearly and made collaboration easy and enjoyable. She constantly amazed me with her promotion and marketing efforts and successfully got so much buzz going for the book! I can't wait to see what comes next for Bibliokid!

Elizabeth Savanella - BiblioKid Illustrator

BiblioKid Illustrator Elizabeth Savanella

Hope Wintner - BiblioKid Author

"It’s been amazing! Brooke has a really great personality. Nothing really gets to her, the stress doesn’t show. It hasn’t been overwhelming, instead, each step is very bite-sized. Brooke has been really great about piecing everything out and teaching us along the way."

Dina Rock - BiblioKid Author

"Brooke is a gift as she walks you through this daunting process step by step. It takes a load off of your shoulders in so many ways and I can’t wait to start each new step. Her enthusiasm for our book and willingness to listen to our ideas has been my favorite part about working with BiblioKid."

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