Wondering about something specific? We have an answer to help you better understand what it’s like to work with us. Here are some answers to common questions we get about hybrid publishing and working with BiblioKid.

What is hybrid publishing?

Hybrid publishing is a blend between traditional and self-publishing. To us, this is like a best of both worlds scenario. At BiblioKid Publishing, we take the positive parts of working with a traditional publisher, like the help from an experienced team and wide distribution, and mix them with the benefits of self-publishing by giving authors more control over their stories and the ability to publish them faster.  

How is this different from traditional publishing?

Traditional publishing can take a long time and be filled with a sea of rejection letters before you ever get a contract. BiblioKid Publishing is not like that. Although we do have an application process, we try to work with as many children’s book authors as possible in order to get more children’s books onto bookshelves.  

What’s the difference between a vanity press and a hybrid publisher?

There’s a spectrum of publishers starting with vanity presses and working all the way to traditional publishers. A vanity press or publisher is typically the most hands-off publisher and will mostly only help with the printing and distribution of your book. While at BiblioKid Publishing, we’re a full-service hybrid publisher so we expect to help with the book creation process, as well as, the marketing strategy in addition to the printing and distribution.

What parts of the publishing process does BiblioKid assist with?

We’re a full-service publishing house. This means that we help with every step of the process to create your book. Including: 

  • Developmental Editing 
  • Copyediting 
  • Illustration 
  • Book Design 
  • Ebook Creation 
  • Printing 
  • Online and retail distribution 
  • Sales and marketing 

(In other words, we help with the entire process from start to finish.)  

What is the author's role through all of this?

While our authors are involved throughout the entire process, there are phases throughout the process that will require more of your time than others. For example, in the beginning, we’ll work back and forth regularly in order to edit a polished manuscript before working with an illustrator. However, once an illustrator has the story, the hard work will be done on your end so all you have to do is focus on the launch and what you want to do once your story is published. 

Do you work with authors outside the US?

We currently only work exclusively with authors in the United States in order to provide them with printed copies of their books to sell. Plus, our retail distribution is exclusive to the US and Canada. However, this may change as the company grows.  

Do you help market and sell the book?

We meet with all of our authors one-on-one to devise a personalized marketing plan based on the publication date for their book, the story itself, and long-term marketing strategies to continue to sell the book beyond the launch date. Once we conduct the session, we turn the reins over to the author to work through the steps we laid out.

Along with the strategy we create for you, we’ll also be pushing your book through all our channels and our sales team will be pitching your book to stores every week. It’s our goal to see all of our authors succeed and to give you the tools to make it happen. 

How do I earn money as a BiblioKid author?

Our authors earn income two different ways: 

  • By selling the books you're provided with as part of the initial investment. These are books you can sell at full cost during your launch party, on your website, on school visits, or any other place you have the opportunity to do so. (How you do this will be something we’ll discuss during the marketing planning session.)
  • Through royalties from the sales of your books by our sales team. Since part of the initial print run will be sent to the distributor to stock stores and online channels, you’ll also earn a portion of the net profits from any of the books sold.

What does it cost to work with BiblioKid Publishing?

There isn’t one answer to how much the initial publishing cost will be for your book. We quote each author individually based on their needs and the type of book we’re going to create. To create a quote, we look at the estimated number of editing hours involved, illustration and book design cost, printing cost, and initial marketing costs.

All of these factors are then combined to create the upfront production cost needed in order to publish the book. This is the number we give our authors for their personal quote, which typically ranges between $7,500-$12,500. This total cost isn’t due at the time of signing, though. Instead, it’s broken into 4 equal payments spread out over the entire publication time needed to produce your book. (For instance, if your quote is $10,000 to publish a book in a year, you’ll owe a payment of $2500 every three months.) 

What’s the likelihood that I’ll recoup my investment?

While we can’t guarantee any specific dollar amount, we will be able to provide you with the tools you need in order to sell any books you receive and beyond. It’s then up to you to decide how much action you want to take to implement the strategies provided. (For example: if your initial investment is $8,000 and you receive 400 books, you can sell them for $20 each and earn your money back. However, if you don’t make any effort to get them out of your basement or storage room, then you might struggle to recoup your investment.)

Does the author own the copyright to the book?

Just like with traditional publishers, our authors always retain the copyright to their stories. They’re your words and you should keep the ownership to them. This also means if we were to ever part ways, you can take your story with you.

How is this different from Amazon KDP or IngramSpark?

Popular sources to self-publish a book are through either Amazon’s KDP or IngramSpark. These are what’s known as print-on-demand printers who will only produce a book when someone places an order. At BiblioKid Publishing, we will order an initial print run of your books for you and the distributor to sell. This allows us to choose a higher paperweight and better quality hardcover that competes with a traditionally published children's book.

Plus, with P.O.D. sites, you’re left to figure everything out on your own. Which can be costly, especially if you’re having to redo files, or frustrating if you don’t understand the ins and outs of eBook creation. Instead of leaving you to learn everything yourself, we take care of these steps for you so all you have to focus on is writing a good story.

What if my book’s finished and I don’t need an editor?

All authors, even the best-sellers, need an editor to help them polish their book. This is why any book we accept will go through our editing process. Some books need more editing hours than others, but all need to be reviewed by our team of professionals to ensure we’re providing children with the best books possible.

Will you help me find an illustrator?

Of course! The only thing you need to have in order to work with us is a rough draft of your children’s story. We can help you with the rest. Once we’ve finished with the editing stage, we’ll move onto illustration and work together to find someone who suits your vision.

Can I use my own illustrator?

Yes! We welcome you to bring your own illustrator along with you on this publishing journey. We only ask that you collaborate with us for the illustration process. This includes sharing the initial dummy, asking for help, and taking guidance when necessary if we feel there might need to be a tweak made in the art.

We can also handle the contract work and any payment arrangements you’ve made with your illustrator at no additional cost to you. This ensures that everything is covered on a copyright basis and final file delivery. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have a go-between whenever there are creative differences.

How long does it take to publish my book?

Like the initial investment, all turnaround times vary depending on the book we’re creating. For instance, if you don’t have a complete manuscript and you want to write a middle grade novel, then your book will take longer than a mostly-polished picture book will. While we do try to publish all our books within 9-12 months of signing date, it’s best to schedule a call with us and complete your author application in order for us to give you a proper estimate.

Do you publish anything other than children’s books?

No. At this time we’re an exclusive children’s book publishing house. This means we only publish books intended for children ages 0-18. Learn more about the different children’s book categories and their qualifications here.

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